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    3rd Grade Syllabus

     Parent/teacher communication: Communication is the key to our children’s success! Many unnecessary worries can be eliminated through effective communication, so please feel free to email me for any questions, concerns, clarification, or assistance, and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as I can!

    WEEKLY TESTS Every Friday students will be tested on spelling, Bible verse, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and math facts/timed test. Math, science, and social studies tests are given as chapters are completed.



    Every Monday the students will become familiar with the week’s list of spelling words and the spelling strategy. In 3rd grade, we have 20 required spelling words and 5 challenge words. Challenge words are for extra credit. Spelling them incorrectly, or not at all, will have no adverse impact on the spelling grade. Every Tuesday night, students will complete spelling homework.



    Students use the HSP California Excursions series books. We will read one story per week with a short, paired selection. These two different genres explore the same theme. We ask that the student re-read the stories throughout the week. Wednesdays are the usual days for reading homework. Students will take a comprehension test each Friday. We will also be completing two novels this year. The novels are Charlotte’s Web, and The BFG. We will do some introductory annotating as we read. The novels will take the place of our Excursions stories and will include vocabulary and comprehension questions.



    We use vocabulary from the Excursions reading program that is presented in our weekly story. Each week students will be responsible for learning the definitions of 10 words. On Mondays the students will write down the definitions for words. Students may take their Reading Vocabulary materials home at any time during the week to study as long as they have it with them every day in class. They will be expected to use these words during the week and will be tested on their understanding of the words on Friday.



    We use Voyages in English for our grammar program. Once a week, students will have grammar homework and will have a grammar test on most Fridays.



    We use the California HSP math curriculum for our mathematics program. We use technology on the ActivBoard to help teach lessons to students, as well as many hands-on activities using manipulatives. Students will have daily class assignments. Should any class assignment not be completed in class in the time allotted, the student will be required to take it home and bring it back completed the following day. In addition, students will receive math homework everyday, including Friday. Math chapter tests are given as the chapters are completed.



    Research has shown that long-term success in mathematics is closely tied to strong number sense, including fluency with basic facts. To help in that process, our students will complete a timed math facts practice worksheet in class Monday through Thursday. They will complete the backside of the worksheet for homework. They are expected to finish 40 facts in 3 minutes. The facts are given in levels. We begin with level multiply 2&3, and go through level multiply 12. We also do division, addition, and subtraction levels. They will be tested on the facts on Friday. If more than three facts are incorrect, the student will repeat the level. If three or less are incorrect, they will move on to the next level.


    Flash cards are also given to students weekly. Working with flash cards helps greatly with mental math skills. These flash cards are to be kept at home for practice. They will not be collected.



    Students will have 1-2 lessons weekly. Major units of study include: Community and Geography, America’s Early Communities, People Move from Place to Place, Community Government, Making Economic Choices, and Celebrating People and Cultures.



    Our main history/social studies project in third grade is a biography report. Students can select a historical figure to research and write a report about. They will also do an oral presentation to the class about that person. Most of this project is completed at home. We begin the project in December.



    Students will have 1-2 lessons weekly with at least one hands-on activity each week. Students will occasionally receive homework.



    For religion, we use the One in Christ religious studies program and the Faith Alive Student Bible. We study a weekly lesson that includes reading Bible passages. Students are expected to memorize a Bible verse each week and will be tested on it on Friday. Our third graders also memorize and discuss the meaning of The Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed, and the Ten Commandments.



    iPads are used almost every day in the classroom for different subjects. Students complete research on them to enhance and extend the lesson. Math and reading applications are included on our iPads. They are used to complete quarterly testing. Students can also use them to complete The Reading Inventory (TRI) and Reading Counts! (RC) tests.



    Your child will be required to complete at least one SRC test per quarter.


    Rules and Procedures

    Classroom Rules

    Students are expected to attend school every day and be on time. They will complete the required work to the best of their ability. Our students are expected to always treat everyone they meet, in the classroom, and on the playground, with respect. Any unnecessary disruptions in the classroom will result in loss of privileges during the day.




    Students place their backpacks in the hallway by hooks. The hooks have numbers that correspond with the students’ numbers.


    They bring their binders in with them to the classroom and remove their homework. After correcting homework together, the students hand in their homework and write in that evening’s required assignments in the notebooks.



    Right before dismissal, students receive their homework pages and place them in their binders. The students then put their binders and any textbooks that need to go home in their backpacks. When dismissing, the teacher asks for daycare kids to go first. Other students are dismissed and line up at the go home/dismissal site behind the gym.


    Dismissal: EVERY student MUST sign out EVERY DAY with your homeroom teacher before leaving the classroom at the end of the day.


    Daily Binder

    How to use your daily binder:

    1. Write down your homework assignments on the days they are due, not on the day assigned. Leave your binder open until it is stamped.
    2. Highlight the assignment upon completing it.
    3. Treat your binder as though it is a textbook. No drawings, stickers, or ripping of pages from the daily binder.

















    St. Mark’s third grade follows the Rick Morris behavior philosophy. Every morning the students arrive at class and are considered “ready to learn.” As expected, the students will participate in class, do their best, follow rules and respect others.


    Students who are not doing their best and/or are being disruptive will be given a verbal warning. If the behavior is not corrected and/or another rule is broken, they will have an in-class time out. If they continue to break rules, they will receive a consequence that is deemed suitable by the teacher (visit to Asst. Principal or writing a note home to their parents.)



    Sample Note below (Will be in purple):

    *Please sign and bring the note back the following day. An email will be sent home to notify you that your child has received a note.




    Each Friday, any missing/incomplete homework and classwork will be stapled to the student’s daily binder with a purple note (see above) attached that requires a parent signature. All missing work needs to be turned in the following Monday.


    Graded Work

    All graded test/work will be sent home in a manila envelope every Wednesday. Please empty and return the envelop on Thursday. Please do not lose the envelope.


    Thank you for allowing us the privilege to teach your children, and we appreciate your support.




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