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  • Pencil

    Unit 35


    1. patriotism
    2. ecology
    3. independence
    4. distance
    5. enjoyable
    6. capitalism
    7. difference
    8. elegance
    9. divisible
    10. respectable
    11. chemist
    12. acceptable
    13. attendance
    14. reference
    15. legible
    16. instance
    17. biology
    18. phobia
    19. journalist
    20. zoology
  • Bible Verse

    Commandments 9 and 10

    Commandments 9 and 10 must be memorized word for word.  The meanings will each need to be two sentences (1 telling what we should do and 1 telling what we should not do).  Avoid restating the same thing for both sentences. 


    Commandment 9:  You shall not cvet your neighbor's house.

    Meaning:  You should not try to tricko ur friends out of what they have or be jealous of their things.  You should help them keep what is theirs and respect their belongings.


    Commandment 10:  You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor. 

    Meaning:  You should not try to steal or force family members, workers, or pets away from our neighbors.  You should encourage them to stay faithful and loyal to them.




  • Vocabulary 

    Prefix IN :  all meanings should include "not or opposite of"



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    5/8    Field trip slips and money due

    5/10  Book Tower Due!  

    5/20  Mission San Juan Capistrano Field Trip  (Bring a Sack Lunch and wear Red SML Shirt)