• Welcome to 8th Grade American History!

    Daily Assignments

    There are two different daily assignments in history class.

    #1 Quote Sheet

    It is done in class. Students copy quotes from the board (generally two quotes) and write what they mean in their own words.

    This is turned in on Fridays.

    #2 Daily Double (What I Learned Today/Best Thing)

    Students fill out the daily double sheet seven (7) days a week. They record the best thing that happened to them as well

    as one new thing they learned each day. This assignment includes downloading a photo or image.

    Weekly Assignments

    #1  Typed 800 word paper.  Three types of papers rotate for this.  The Personal History, Female Admire Paper

    and Male Admire Paper.  Please see the  syllabus for directions. 

    #2  Friday Quizzes.  

    $3   Occasional assignments,  

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