• St. Mark’s Student Learning Outcomes

    With God’s help through the Holy Spirit, St. Mark’s students will become:

    Faithful Servants of God

    Students who develop a deepening faith and understanding of God’s grace evidenced by acts of servant leadership as they:

    • Grow in faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ through prayer, worship and Bible study
    • Contribute time, energies and talents in service to God
    • Share with others blessings given by God
    • Increase understanding of Lutheran doctrine
    • Glorify God in body and spirit

    Responsible Citizens

    Students who mature as productive, conscientious, citizens who demonstrate the hard and soft skills of leadership as they:

    • Assume responsibility for their actions
    • Seek to make choices, which result in positive changes in their schools, communities, nation, and world
    • Respect all peoples and their cultures
    • Practice Christian values, conflict resolution, and teamwork in activities
    • Cultivate a sense of global responsibility

    Life Long Learners

    Students who are excited about seeking knowledge as they:

    • Identify with success and gain self-confidence
    • Build a foundation of skills to become competent, self-directed learners.
    • Define, set and prioritize challenging, realistic, short and long-term goals
    • Create intellectual, artistic, practical and tangible works
    • Utilize effective study skills and work independently

    Complex Thinkers

    Students who are enthused about intellectual challenges as they:

    • Strive to reach the highest levels of competence in their endeavors
    • Analyze, interpret, and evaluate significant information
    • Integrate knowledge and available resources, applying them to real life situations Apply technology effectively
    • Seek information to empower reason and make decisions

    Effective Communicators

    Students who employ spoken and written communication effectively as they:

    • Express their ideas verbally, in writing and through the use of technology
    • Articulate with clarity and understanding
    • Exercise positive leadership and group skills
    • Foster, develop and maintain collaborative relationships within diverse settings
    • Incorporate empathy and compassion when communicating with others