• Great news! If you have a child attending St. Mark's... you're a St. Mark's Booster Member!Booster Club

    No sign-up needed, no special forms; you're already in!

    A Huge Thank-You... To all of the people who have helped during prior school years. No matter how large or small a donation, no matter how many volunteer hours, you are all very important and sincerely appreciated by our entire St. Mark's Family. Our school could not continue to achieve its important goals or maintain the excellent quality of education without your help.


    Booster Club meets the first Thursday of each month.

    One hour of Family Commitment given for attendance.

    Make our School a better Place!

    We need your help. Let's make this school year the best year yet by working together to achieve our goals. Our school is amazing - but with your help - it can be even better!

    Get Involved!


    Our mission, first and foremost, is to be ambassadors of St. Mark's by promoting Christian values and upholding positive attitudes, while serving our Booster Club's three main purposes:

    To recognize and show appreciation to our teachers and staff for their dedication and commitment to our students.

    To uphold and support our entire St. Mark's community, including teachers, staff, students and their families; uniting all and building a lasting camaraderie.

    To raise additional funds so that St. Mark's can continue to grow and improve and even exceed its current standard of excellence by providing everyone an opportunity to be involved and making our fundraising efforts a positive experience.

    The St. Mark's Boosters shall not seek to direct the technical activities of the school or control its policies. It is our sole mission to carry out the above purposes with a positive, Christian spirit.