• Hello, and welcome to Elementary Music Class!

    My hope for msuic students, before going on to Middle School, is that each one of them will have gained the folowing:

    • - The ability to explore music through listening, singing, moving, and playing.
    • - Exposure to and appreciation for many styles of music.
    • - Experience with performing as a group, both in the classroom and for an outside audience.
    • - Basic knowledge of fundamental elements such as rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics, tempo, and phrasing.
    • - Explore the emotional and expressive aspects of music

    These goals will be accomplished through classroom instruction, group practice, and a couple of mandatory performances.  Every class will sing in a church service here at St. Mark's as well as a Christmas program.  You'll find the dates for all of the class performances on the calendar.

    I truly believe that music can open so many different avenues for children.  Music nurture creativity and inspiration, has practical aspects like improving language and math skills, and can be a tool in communication with and understanding other cultures.  I hope you and your students are ready for another fabulous year of music!

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