Degrees and Certifications:


Mr. Ossa

7th and 8th Grade Mathematics



Classroom Expectations and Policies


To provide each student with the skills they will need to succeed in math through teaching, facilitating, and interactive learning.


General Class Rules

  1. Come to class prepared (i.e. bring book, pencil, homework, and

         math binder to class).

  1. Follow directions and/or ask questions if not understood.
  2. Raise hand when you need to ask a question.
  3. Keep desk and area clean at all times.
  4. Respect yourself and others.


Students following class rules and exhibiting exemplary behavior and/or work will be rewarded with one or more of the following:  verbal praise, positive “notes” home via e-mail, special privileges, and/or become Student of the Month.


Disciplinary procedures may consist of one or more of the following: Verbal warning, removal from group, parent/guardian notification, detention, and/or office.


Materials Needed (ON A DAILY BASIS)

  1. Daily Binder
  2. Math Textbook except on Wednesdays(check with specific teacher)
  3. Homework
  4. Notebook paper, loose-leaf and college ruled/ Graph Paper when


  1. Spiral or composition notebook (100 sheet minimum)
  2. Pencils
  3. Pen (red, green, purple, etc.) FOR CORRECTING ONLY


PLEASE NOTE:  If you do not come to class prepared and with your materials regularly, your participation grade will be affected.


Tests and Quizzes

  1. Quizzes will be given on a weekly basis.The quiz will cover

     material that was presented in class during the week.

  1. There will be a test at the end of every chapter. The test date will

          be given approximately one week prior to the test date.  In

          addition, we will review all material that will be on the test and a

          practice test may be provided. 

  1. If you miss a quiz and/or test you will be expected to take the quiz and/or test one day after you return unless other arrangements

         have been made between you and I.



  1. Homework will/may be given daily.It is your                        responsibility to write each assignment in your Daily Binder.
  2. Work must be neat and legible, and it must be done in pencil.
  3. In order to receive full credit (10 points), homework must be

         completed(all work must be shown) and turned in the next day at

         the beginning of the class period. 

  1. Incompletehomework turned in will receive at most5 points out

         of 10.

  1. For partial credit, late assignments will be accepted up

      to one week after the due date!  10 % off each day.

  1. Math Edge online work is to be completed by Sunday Night.Three

          unique lessons from Tuesday to Sunday.  NO CREDIT FOR ANY


  1. If you are absent, you have the same number of day(s) as your

         absence to turn in the assignments to me. 

  1. Homework will be posted on the website.It is your

       responsibility to get the missed assignment(s).



Classroom Work and Participation

  1. All work must include the correct heading


  1. Work must be neat and legible.Work must be done in pencil.
  2. All WARM-UP EXERCISES must be completed on notebook paper
  3. Students are encouraged to ask questions and you will be

          randomly called upon to share your solution(s).







The following is a breakdown of how your grade will be calculated:


                           Tests                                                               30%           

                           Quizzes                                                    30%

                           Homework                                                27%

                           Edge Online Homework                                3%           

                           Classroom Work                                       10%




In addition, the grading scale used in this class will follow the GRADING POLICYfound on page 5 in the students’ agenda.


93-100 A                                                            Principal’s Honor Roll = 4.0

90-92 A-                                                            “A” Honor Roll = 3.5-3.9

86-89 B+                                                           “B” Honor Roll = 3.0-3.4

83-85 B                                                             

80-82 B-                                                          

76-79 C+                                                          

73-75 C                                                             

70-72 C-                                                           

66-69 D+                                                          

63-65 D                                                             

60-62 D-                                                          

Below 60 F