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  • American Mathematics Competitions 8 (AMC 8)


    November 30, 2018:  2018 Contest/Solutions are now posted under "Sample Contests" (side bar).

    After the competition, students may NOT discuss competition questions and solutions with anyone “either orally or digitally (e.g. email, online, and social media of any type” until after November 19, 2018, after which date the competition booklets will be returned to the students.   

    We will receive the results in mid-December.


     8th students can participate in the American Mathematics Competitions 8 (AMC 8) being offered at SML.   The  AMC 8 is a national competition for 8th grade school students.

    Date:             November 13, 2018, Tuesday

    Time:             6:45 A.M.

    The door will close and be locked at 6:45 A.M., and no one will be admitted.  NO Exceptions!   Student should arrive BEFORE 6:45 AM.  Arriving by 6:40 AM the latest is strongly recommended.

    Location: 8th History Classroom

    Students will not be allowed to leave the room until the contest is over even if he/she has completed the contest.

    Pencils and scratch papers will be provided; students must not bring anything with them.


    To participate in this event, students must turn in the sign up form to Mr. Ossa or Mrs. Lee by   September 24, 2018, Monday.

    Students can practice using past contests posted here ("Sample Contests" - side bar).  If you want to do additional practice, you can also purchase workbooks on AMC 8 organization website - AMC 8 Preparation Materials for Purchase

    We hope our students enjoy the competition and continue down the path to a success with, and love of, mathematics.

    SML Math Team