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Damien High School Math Competition

  • Saturday, October 26, 2019

    8 AM - 12:00 PM

    Damien High School

    2280 Damien Ave

    La Verne, CA 91750




    Math Medley

    This general math knowledge test will be comprised of all 4 major mathematical areas: basic logic and reasoning, arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. Students’ results will count both towards their individual score as well as to- wards their team score.

    Individual Subject Exams


    Individuals taking the arithmetic exam will be asked questions related to the four arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). These problems will test students on both speed and accuracy.  Students taking this exam should be comfortable working with decimals and fractions and have a basic understanding of the order of operations.


    Individuals taking the algebra exam will focus on solving various one variable equations presented both in algebraic symbols and in word problem format. Students should be comfortable manipulating equations and translating problems from words into mathematical symbols.


    Individuals taking the geometry exam will focus on basic relationships between points, lines, angles, and planes.  Students should be familiar with the geometric applications on the xy-coordinate plane as well as be familiar with calculating area of common geometric figures (including its application towards calculating surface area and volume of 3-dimensional figures).

    Logic and Reasoning

    Individuals taking the Logic + Reasoning exam will have various puzzle style problems presented to them.  This exam will incorporate several mathematical disciplines while evaluating a student’s abilities to reason through a problem, employ a variety of problem solving strategies, and solve complex word and visual puzzles using logic.

    Team Collaborative Exam

    Super Quiz Bowl

    Each team of four will work together to solve these larger, more complex questions. Teamwork and communication will be essential for teams to answer the questions in the allotted time.



    The “Top 7” 7th graders and “Top 8” 8th graders in each individual subject exam will be recognized.  In addition, in the team competition, teams will be recognized in two groups: 7th grader teams (where all members are 7th graders) and 8th grader/Mixed teams (where some/all members of the team are 8th graders).  Individual awards will be given out during the Super Quiz Bowl and team awards will be given at the conclusion of the Super Quiz Bowl.