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August/September Newsletter


Aug. 13th  - First Day of School (M-W-F & Fulltime children)

Aug. 14th - First Day of School…T-Th

Aug. 26th - Rally Sunday 10:00am….Church Picnic 

Aug. 28th - Back to School Night 7:00 p.m.

Sept. 1st - Tuition Due (after the 10ththere will be a late charge of $15)

Sept. 3rd - School Closed (Labor Day)

Sept. 4-5th - Preschool Pictures (8:45 a.m.)

Sept. 6th - Booster Meeting (7:00 p.m.)

Sept. 10-24th - Charleston Wrap Fundraiser



The next few weeks will be a time of adjustment for some of our children. Transitions are exciting opportunities for children to learn and grow. Parents and early childhood professionals share a role in making children feel safe and secure as they move to new educational settings. Of course, such milestones in children’s lives can cause anxiety too. Strengthening the ties between school and family will help create smooth transitions for both adults and children. If you have any needs or concerns please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or Mrs. Muñoz (director). It is our goal to make your child’s stay at St. Mark’s as comfortable as possible.

The themes for the month of August and September will be: Back to School, All About Me, Friends, Feelings, 5 Senses, School Rules, Children of the World, Apples and Fall. For the next several weeks we will be discussing school rules and the daily routine. We will also focus on having the children make new friends at school.

September is the month for apples.  Anyone who would like to donate an apple to their child’s class is welcome to do so.                   

Check the parent board in your child’s classroom if you would like more information about scheduled activities.

Please refer to the yellow preschool handbook to help you with information regarding the preschool calendar and policies.


During this evening, the teachers will explain the curriculum and daily routine for the school year. It will also give you an opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher and to get familiar with your child’s classroom. Meet in the gym at 7pm. Hope to see you there!  PARENTS ONLY PLEASE                                                                                                                    


  1. All children need to be signed in and out each day by an adult. Sign your full signature (State Regulation).
  1. Children who stay for nap are required to have a blanket and crib sheet at school at all times in a zipper or drawstring bag. TAKE BLANKET & SHEET HOME TO WASH EVERY FRIDAY!
  2. Write your child’s name on all jackets, clothing, blankets, and belongings.
  3. Check your child’s cubbie/folder daily for school notices or work.
  4. Do not bring lunches or snacks from home. The school provides a hot lunch, morning, afternoon and 5:00PM snack. CHILDREN WHO ARRIVE TO SCHOOL BY 7:45AM (NO LATER) MAY BRING THEIR BREAKFAST TO SCHOOL. MILK IS PROVIDED. PLEASE BRING HEALTHY, NUTRITIOUS FOODS SUCH AS CEREAL, FRUIT, YOGURT, BREAD, ETC. NO DONUTS OR CANDY.  Our preschool is a Nut Free Zone.  If your child comes to school before 7:45AM and brings breakfast or is here at 5:00PM and brings an evening snack please make sure that it does not contain peanut butter or any other kind of nuts. We have many students that have allergies to nuts and we all need to work together to keep them safe. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  5. No toys, money, gum, or candy is allowed at school.
  6. All children need to have a change of clothes at school at all times, (four and five year olds too!)
  7. Those children arriving at school before 8:00am are to be dropped off in room 3.
  8. Those children arriving after 8:00am may be dropped off in their classroom.
  10. BIRTHDAY PARTIES AND FESTIVAL DAYS: Birthdays are important to children. If you would like to furnish a party treat for your child to eat, we request a single food item per child in the classroom. Examples would be a cookie, cupcake, or fruit bar. To minimize disruption to the academic day, all parties will be held at 10:00am. GOODIE BAGS AND PARTY DECORATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED. PIZZA IS NOT ALLOWED. Please notify the classroom teacher at least one day prior to the birthday. Thank you for assisting us in celebrating your child’s birthday.
  11.  If your child is picked up after 6:00pm you will be charged a late fee.  Refer to Handbook for fees. These fees need to be paid directly to the daycare teachers.

Your cooperation with the above procedures will be sincerely appreciated. They are for the welfare and protection of your child.


Class instruction starts at 8:45am. Please have your child at school by then so that he/she will not miss out on the planned activities.

  • The Beginner’s Bible, “Timeless Children’s Stories”
  • Small Wonders – Language Arts Program – 2 year olds
  • Pearson Sing, Spell, Read & Write Readiness Pre-K Program– 3 year olds
  • Pearson Sing, Spell, Read & Write All Aboard Program – Pre-K classes
  • Lippincott Beginning to Read, Write, and Listen – Junior-kindergarten (Class instruction starts at 8:00a.m.)
  • Harcourt School Publishers Math Program – Pre-K and Junior Kindergarten Classes


Chapel is once a week for full-time children and every other week for part time children (alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:30a.m.).


Preschool Director      Lori Muñoz

TEACHERS                                                                           TEACHING ASSISTANTS

Valorie Garcia - 3yr. olds, Rm. 1                                              Erika Moorey

Ronda Salazar -3yr. olds, Rm. 1                                               Debbie Rios

Christine Birtja -2yr. olds, Rm. 2                                             Audrey Furukawa

Fatima Farias-2yr. olds, Rm. 2                                                 Martha Cotton                       

Liz Garcia- Jr-K and Pre-K, Rm. 3                                                                 

Kayla Piper-3yr. olds, Rm. 4                                      

Ellie Hernandez-3yr. olds, Rm. 4

Sheila Gokhale- Pre-K, Rm. 5                                                 COOK                                                           

Kristi Mee-Iem- Pre-K, Rm. 5                                                Estella Gomez                                            

Claudia Sepulveda- Pre-K, Rm. 6C     

Shanae Ruezga- Pre-K, Rm. 6C