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October Newsletter






Oct. 1st                                    Tuition Due (after the 10ththere will be a late charge of $15)

Oct. 4th                                    Booster Club Meeting- 8:30A.M.

Oct. 9th                                    Make Up Picture Day 8:45am

Oct. 12th                      Pumpkin Patch

Oct. 18th-19th               Teacher/Parent Conferences (1:00-3:00P.M.)

Oct. 26th                     PRESCHOOL HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL 5:30P.M. – 7:30P.M.

Oct. 31st                       Halloween Parties and Costume Parade (9:30A.M.)





  • The themes for October will be: Fire & Stranger Safety, Harvest on the Farm, Pumpkins, and Halloween.
  • Colors for the month are orange and black.
  • Shapes for October are the circle and triangle.


October is here! August and September have flown by. It was such a busy two months. We all got to know each other, explored the classroom and our outside surroundings.This month we will be observing the wonders of nature and anticipating the thrill of Halloween. We will be reading stories connected to the season and this month’s holiday. Special activities include: having a pumpkin patch come to the preschool, carving a pumpkin for the classroom, and roasting pumpkin seeds. We invite you to join in our fun and learning by appreciating and discussing the projects your child brings home.



A pumpkin patch is coming to St. Mark’s Preschool on Friday, October 12th. We will set up and enjoy a pumpkin patch of our own in the play yard during the morning program. Tuesday, Thursday children may come to school to pick out their pumpkin on October 12th. If your child is unable to come, their teacher will pick a pumpkin for them.

We will serve cookies and apple cider for morning snack. (10:00 a.m.)



On Wednesday, October 31stall classes will have Halloween parties and a costume parade. The Halloween Costume Parade will begin at 9:30am in the front play yard. Parents, families, and friends are invited to attend. Bring your camera!


The children will wear their Halloween costume to school. Friendly costumes please. No witch, ghost, goblin, monster, clown, or other scary costumes should be worn to school. If you have any questions contact your child’s teacher. Your child will be changed into his/her regular clothes after the parade. In order to do this, your child will need his/her change of clothes in a bag with their name on it. Their costume will be put in the same bag after changing.


Any parent who would like to help in the classroom on this day can contact their child’s teacher. We need 2 volunteers per class. Volunteers must turn in their immunization records to Mrs. Muñoz prior to that day. This time can be used for family commitment hours. A party sign up sheet will be posted in your child’s classroom a week before the event to bring goodies for the party.  Please bring the item you sign-up for; the teachers and children are counting on you.  Thanks for your help.





Friday, October 26thwill be a fun night out for the family. Bring the kids to St. Mark’s Halloween Carnival! The preschool will have their carnival from 5:30-7:30pm in the preschool classrooms 4, 5, and 6C. There will be games, prizes, treats and a cake walk too! Friendly costumes please.  SEE YOU THERE! Please note that the preschool carnival ends at 7:30pm. You may take your child upstairs to the other games and jumpers if you like. The elementary/ junior high carnival runs until 9:00pm.


We need parents to sign-up to work the game booths.  Look for sign-up sheet in your child’s classroom.


We need every child to donate a bag of candy for the carnival. Please no gum or small hard candies that our little ones can choke on.


We would also love to have 5 sponsors this year and hope you will be one of them. A booth sponsor will have a decorative banner acknowledging a family name, child’s name, or company name. The banner will be displayed during the Halloween Carnival. Please sign up in the office and mark your donation for Booth Sponsor. There is a form in the office, which you may request, so that your donation can be used for tax purposes.


Mrs. Muñoz will contact those parents who sign up to work the carnival. This is a great time to fulfill family commitment hours. We will have a morning shift to set up the carnival, and there will be a two-hour shift from 5:30-7:30pm and an hour clean up shift from 7:30-8:30pm. The clean up crew will receive double commitment time. We encourage all parents to come and help.  Look for sign-up sheet in your child’s classroom.


*If you like to bake, you can make a homemade cake, cupcakes, cake pops, rice krispies, or cookies for the cakewalk held in the preschool room 6C.  A sign-up sheet will be posted in the classroom.















**Parent Reminders:

  1. Children who stay for nap need to have a blanket and crib sheetat school for their cot! (Take home to wash on Fridays!) Blankets and crib sheets need to be in a zippered or                          drawstring bag with your child’s name on it.
  2. Parents/Adult, 18 years old need to sign in & out on sign in sheet.  First initial, complete               last name as well as the time, everyday.
  3. School Policy states that food brought from home is not permitted, unless a child has                              food restrictions or allergies and must clear it with the director.  The school provides                          the meals: morning 10:00am snack; hot lunch 12:00pm; afternoon snack 2:30pm.

                Late afternoon snack-5:00p.m.

  1. Early morning children – 6:30-8:00am – may bring their breakfast to school.School will provide milk.  If your child arrives after 8:00am. and has not eaten breakfast, parents                 are welcome to sit with their child at tables outside of classroom to finish breakfast. Please make sure the breakfast is nutritious. No donuts, cookies, sugary cereals, etc.… No nuts or peanut butter please. Your cooperation is appreciated!
  2. If your child has fever, diarrhea, or vomiting, donot send him/herto school. Children may return to school after all symptoms are gone for 24hours.
  3. All children need to have a change of clothes at school at all times.
  4. Class begins at 8:45 a.m.  It is important that your child arrives at school by 8:45 a.m. so              he/she does not miss out on any instructional time or special activities.
  5. Please make sure to close all gates behind you. Also do not allow your child to open doors and gates and run ahead of you. Lets all work together to keep the children safe. Please give this information to anyone who may be picking up your child.



                                                                        Thank you!