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Summer Newsletter





May 28-July 3                Session 1

May 27                         Memorial Day

May 30th                       Smore’s Trail Mix Snack

June 4th                          Outer Space Snack

June 7th                          Outer Space Lunch

June 13th                        Petting Zoo

June 21st                        Watch Jungle Book

July 3rd                          4thof July Sundaes

July 4-5th                        School & Day Care Closed (4thof July)

July 8-Aug 9                  Session 2

July 11th                         Beach Pictures

July 17th                                                 Ocean Snack

July 19th                        Bubble Show

July 25th                         Watch Lion King

July 31st                         Juggler Show

August 5-9th                   Daycare Week (No Academics)




Welcome to our Summer School Program! The children will be busy enjoying the summer months with activities that will give them a chance to discover and explore the wonder that summer provides.

  • The themes will include: Camping, Outer Space, Farm, Jungle, 4thof July, Ocean, Zoo and Mother Goose.
  • The curriculum will be enhanced by academic activities such as art, music, cooking, language arts, social studies, math, science, health, and safety.




The preschool will have a 4thof July celebration during the morning program on Thursday, July3rd.The children will march to patriotic music in the front play yard at 9:30am.  Family and Friends are invited.


Teddy Bear Portraitswill take beach themed pictures of the children on July 11thfrom 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Purchase of pictures is optional.  



St. Mark’s Preschool encourages staff members to vacation during the summer months. As a result, your child may have a different teacher from time to time. Every effort will be made to make sure your child is comfortable during the absence of their regular teacher.




  1. Your child must be signed in and out each day by an adult (age 18 or older). Sign your full signature. This is the law of the state of California.
  1. All children need a change of clothes (marked with child’s name) to leave at school in a Ziploc bag.
  1. Each child that attends school for nap needs a crib sheet and blanket marked with the child’s name.  In a bag with a zipper or drawstring.
  1. Children may bring a piece of fruit, yogurt, cereal, bread, etc. to school in the morning if they arrive before 8:00am. Milk will be provided. We encourage nutritious breakfast foods. We appreciate your cooperation. No peanut butter or nuts due to allergies.
  1. Dress your child in comfortable play clothes.  Children need to wear tennis shoes to school to protect their feet from injury.  NO SANDALS!  NO CROCS!
  2. Your child’s safety is our #1 concern. Always hold your child’s hand while walking to and from the parking lot!




During the summer months it may be uncomfortable for the children to play outside.  On these days we will stay inside where we have air conditioning and it is cool and comfortable.  We will also check daily with Air Quality Control to know if there is any smog alert in the area.


                                    HAVE A FUN AND SAFE SUMMER!


Summer School Teachers

Rm. 1               Ms. Valorie & Ms. Ronda 3yr. olds

Rm. 2              Ms. Anabel/Ms. Melissa 2yr. olds

Rm. 3              Ms. Liz    Junior Kinder

Rm. 4              Ms. Kayla 3yr. olds

Rm. 5              Ms. Kristi   Pre-K

Rm. 6C           Ms. Claudia & Ms. Shanae Pre-K


Break Teacher Ms. Terri

Vacation Teachers   Ms. Sheila & Ms. Karina