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January Newsletter





January 6th            School Resumes

January 10th          Tuition Due (after the 10th, a late fee of $15 will be applied)

January 9th            Booster Club Meeting

January 20st          SCHOOL & DAY CARE CLOSED Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 26th         Preschool Sings in Church

Jan. 31st                Kindergarten Fun Day (Pre-K & Junior K students)

Jan. 31st                               Chinese New Year Celebration



  • Themes for the month: Winter/Snow/Ice, Winter Animals, Healthy Habits, & Chinese New Year.
  • Look for weekly curriculum posted on the parent board in your child’s classroom.



     The staff would like to thank you for your support during the 2019 part of the school year.  Your time and effort was truly appreciated.  The preschool staff would like to thank the children and parents for their gifts and generosity during this holiday season.


Toy Drive

    Thank you to all the families that brought toys for the Toy Drive.  It was such a wonderful sight to see all those wonderful toys that made children smile this Christmas!  We truly are blessed here at St. Mark’s with such giving families that are willing to do God’s work. Zachary Ying was the winner of the raffle. He received a $30 Scholastic certificate. Congratulations Zachary.



The children are scheduled to sing at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church on Sunday, January 26th at the 9:00A.M. Service.

Children need to be in room 1 by 8:40A.M.  The children will walk with their teacher to the church.  After the service you can pick up your child in the Fellowship Hall.

Dress Code:  have your child wear their Sunday Best!

Please review proper church behavior with your child before coming, such as no talking, good listening, hands to yourself, no clapping, and go to the bathroom before checking in.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you in church on Sunday- January 26th.


Kindergarten Fun Day

On Friday January 31st the Pre-K and Junior Kinder students will go down to Kindergarten for a couple hours. Kindergarten teachers will explain to the kids what a day in Kindergarten is like. Next, the kids will get into groups to complete a Math activity and play some educational games on the iPads. The current Kindergarteners will show the preschoolers what to do. Last, all the preschoolers and Kindergarteners will share a snack and play on the playground together. This is a fun time for our preschool to see what they can look forward to for next school year.


A Few Reminders:

  1. Sign your child in and out. SIGN YOUR COMPLETE SIGNATURE and the time.
  2. Mark all jackets, blankets, sheets, and belongings with your child’s name.
  3. Return all clothing borrowed from school.
  4. Keep a change of clothes at school at all times (that is weather appropriate).
  5. See that your child gets plenty of sleep.
  6. Provide a nutritious breakfast for your child. Breakfast may be brought to school if your child arrives before8:00am (fruit, cereal, toast, yogurt, etc.) no donuts or sugary items.
  7. Keep your child at home if fever, vomiting, or diarrhea are present. Children may return to school after fever, vomiting, and or diarrhea is gone for 24 hours.  If your child had a contagious illness they must have a doctor’s release to return to school or if they miss more than three days due to illness.
  8. The cold weather is here. Dress your child in warm comfortable play clothes.
  9. Any medication sent to school must be sent in the original packaging or prescription bottle. St. Mark’s does not administer Tylenol or aspirin to children. A medication form must be signed before medication can be administered.
  10. Supervise your child closely while talking to other parents and teachers.  Your child’s safety and welfare is our  #1 concern.
  11. After you sign your child out they may not stay and play on the playgrounds.
  12. Please close all gates and door as you go through them. Please don’t allow your child to run ahead of you and go through the gates without you.

Thank you for your cooperation.