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Students can do Band and Sports!

These adjustments will apply to the following sports and teams.

Volleyball - 5th & 6th grades

Cross-Country - All grades

Basketball - 6th grade boys & girls, 7th grade boys

Track & Field - All grades


When team practice overlaps with band practice on both Tuesday and Friday, players will attend practice on each day 6:45-7:15. They will then change and join band at 7:20.


When team practice overlaps only one day, players may attend the full practice as long as they continue to be on time and ready to play on the other band rehearsal day.


These compromises have been reached between the coaches and Ms. Williams. Students and parents may not make up their own adjusted schedule. If a student chooses to do both, this is the schedule they are agreeing to follow.


If team practice overlapping a band rehearsal is canceled, players are expected to attend band rehearsal instead.


Band students will always be responsible for making up missed rehearsal time with more practice at home.