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Change to our Start Date - 8/24

Dear SML Families,
We've created a new flyer laying out the similarities and differences between our two learning options for the 20-21 School year which include On Campus Learners and Live Stream Learners. Follow the link at the bottom of the flyer (or this post) to see a great sample of what Live Stream Learning can look like.

Using Microsoft Office 365 for Education with its incredible suite of interactive and fun tools, our teachers and students will interact primarily in  Microsoft Teams and the built in One Note classroom notebooks. Our iPads will allow for a consistent experience with these tools across the student body.

Finally, Our tech team is developing step by step guidelines for faculty, staff, parents and students as we roll this all out successfully
We are still having parents of students in grades K-6 select either live stream or in-person learning by August 1st.  However although we are able to fulfill all the protocols for Returning to School, the LA County Public Health Liaison called me today and said the waivers were not available at this time, that it was important that we had filled out the protocols, but they were still developing the actual waiver and are working out details with the California Department of Public Health trying to make sure, in essence, that the turn-around time is reasonable once they send it to the state.
We are pushing back the start date of school to  Monday, August 24th.
Please anticipate that ALL students K-8 will begin the academic year in our live stream learning platform.
This will allow for a number of things to happen:

  1. Waiver for K-6 in-person education be submitted and approved
  2. iPAD delivery, set up and distribution to students can be successfully completed by our tech team
  3. A procedure for textbooks, workbooks, and materials for distribution to students can be carefully developed
  4. There will be more time for teachers/TA’s to get training with live stream programs and feel confident

Once we are allowed to return, students who have signed up for in-person learning may return to campus.
We have attempted to provide parents with accurate and timely information as situations continue to change.
One thing that is positive for St. Mark’s regarding the ability to return to in-person learning  at some point this school year (2020-2021) is that epidemiological data will not be for all of LA county but based on information for Hacienda Heights/La Puente School District.
We have been checking LA County Health data for the cities where our student population resides, and the trends for case rates is significantly lower than the county as a whole.

Monica Gerardo

Dr. Barbara Clark