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SML Distance Learning Schedule and Details

3-19-20 Update

Dear Parents,

Our teachers have been working tirelessly on distance learning to provide your children with the best education we can during a very trying, uncertain, and constantly changing time. We believed that a regular routine would be a positive experience for our students because a routine would promote a sense of normalcy and not leave students simply to watch TV, play video games and drive their parents crazy.

However, it seems perhaps we have driven parents crazy as there were issues with the Internet and PowerSchool while assignment deadlines pushed students and parents toward frustration. It was not our intention to frustrate anyone.

We are going to work to help school families work through our distance learning concerns:

  • We will remove due dates on all assignments
  • Individual teachers will reduce or modify the number of assignments
  • We will continue to monitor our distance learning and make adjustments as needed.

Thank you for all your concern and please keep praying for our school,

Barbara Clark


Original Blast

Dear St. Mark’s School Families,
At this time, your SML team has been working diligently to continue to give our students the best possible distance learning experience.  We met this morning in grade level and subject level groups to determine how to best make this happen.
SML DISTANCE LEARNING SCHEDULE: March 17- April 2 (concluding at 3 PM)
Easter Break April 3-12 – All SML students and staff will be on break. Teachers will not be posting assignments or answering emails.
SCHOOL RESUMES:  April 13th (unless circumstances change)
SML Distance Learning Platform

  • Visit the SML webpage @
  • Click on the K-4 Students drop down and click on student’s grade level
  • Each teacher will have assignments posted daily at 8:00 AM
  • Email student’s teacher directly for questions regarding assignments
  • Save all completed work to turn in upon return


  • Students will utilize PowerSchool to access classroom pages/assignments
  • READ & FOLLOW the suggested SML Distance Learning Schedule (ATTACHED)
  • During specific SUBJECT time slot, teachers will be available to the student for Live Chat via PowerSchool
  • Daily assignments will be posted by 8:00 AM
  • Chat via PowerSchool with teacher for questions regarding assignments

It is ideal that students adhere to a daily routine, so that they maintain a sense of normalcy, as well as an emphasis on their education.  We also recommend that in their downtime, (after 3:00 P.M.)  they call a friend or relative (not text, an actual conversation will help for those feeling isolated) and maybe go outside and get some fresh air.
Monica Gerardo, Principal
Christy Pomerleau, Director of Curriculum
Barbara Clark, Superintendent


Distance Learning Schedule